January 15, 2013

Paleo On The Go

I LOVE scrolling through my Pinterest feed and noticing so many of my friends pinning Paleo recipes!! It genuinely makes my heart happy seeing people find a healthier way of eating. One question I hear often from friends inquiring about Paleo diet is, "What about convenience? Where do I eat out?"
As I told someone yesterday, the one drawback/ difficulty to Paleo is convenience. No more popping in a Subway for a 'healthy' sandwich or ordering a kid's meal for yourself in the drive thru when you get one for your kids.
So I started a list of all the places we eat out as a family and the Paleo options. Please feel free to comment and add to it!

10 Places to Eat Paleo On the Go
1. Mooyah- Get an 'Iceburger' (beef or turkey)  and load it up with paleo friendly condiments like avocado, bacon, mushroms, pickles, and grilled onions! On the side order sweet potato fries, but ask them to leave off the seasoning b/c it has white sugar
2. Cowboy Chicken- Woodfire chicken (any), with green beans, campfire veggies, sweet potatoes. 
3. BBQ places like Spring Creek & Dickeys. Rudy's is my absolute fav, but they dont have Paleo friendly sides. Often we will go through their drive through and get meat, then come home and fix some quick veggies. 
4. Chik-Fil A- a salad or Grilled nuggets and fruit cup
5. Subway- any sandwich can be made into a salad. Add in lots of veggies and avocado!
6. Chipotle- a burrito bowl or salad with no rice or beans but add fajita veggies, lettuce, guac, pico
7. Tin Star- all their tacos can be made into lettuce cups and they offer broccoli as a side dish
8. Wendy's- good salad options with grilled chicken. good size portion. 
9. Pluckers & Buffalo Wild Wings- offer naked wings & naked strips. Pluckers has sweet potato fries, but again, ask for no seasoning. Add a side salad to a naked basket and you have a great meal!
10. In & Out- Order a Protein Style burger and they will give it to you in lettuce. You can add up to 4 patties! Also, I have heard Mustard Grilled is amazing.