July 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to the FuzzHead!!!!!

Wow!! 1 year already. I cannot believe it. 
We celebrated Mr Fuzz's birthday last weekend here at the house in Paul Frank style! 
Diaper Cover & Party Hat made by momma using patterns from the oh-so- fabulous  Little Lizard King

July 28, 2010

Older Darlings Like Cuteness Too...

One of my favorite things about my hobby is that I can almost always create a gift for someone's birthday rather than buying one.
I have already posted about my bestie Ellen. It was her bday. She LOVES crazy accessories so I wanted to come up with some unique things just for her!

Ellen's Slew of Cute Birthday Goodies!
RE-styled Forever 21 plain gray T
White Bow Back Beater Tank
Vintage Style Lavender Cameo Brooch

My Inspiration for the Brooch!
(saw this beauty on the Nordie Sale and immediately thought of Ellen) 

We celebrated with a night of relaxing girl talk and pedicures!

July 20, 2010

Oodles and Oodles of Bows for your Toes

Okay--- so I always have viewed hairbows the same way i view mowing the lawn and grilling-- it's better to live in ignorance than to actually learn to do it. Because if you learn to do it, then you might have to do it. Wonderful attitude, I know?

So I have this customer- let's call her ShAlicia ShMaxwell. We've all seen the bow flip flops right? She had been asking me to come up with a way  to make bow flip flops in such a way that the bows could be removed and put on other shoes or other colors of flip flops.

So first I bought these clippie things.

 Do you remember your momma probably had 'shoe clips' in every color in the 80s? They matched her shoulderpad sweaterdress.

So here are the bow show clips I made!  $10/set. Each set has 2 show clips and 1 hair bow. Pretty good huh? 

{don't you love my lil model's feet? Not the best choice of flip flops, but at least he is wearing blue bows and not pink}

Check this out!!! These are a lil more grown up! Stay tuned for more of these coming for the ladies.  I think I need some to put on my red Converse.

Instead of paying $235 for these:

Kate Spade from Nordstrom

I think I will come up with a little less expensive option. 

Chiffon Cupcakes

1 part chiffon
1 part cotton
37 parts love

I saw a shirt similar a month ago or so and have been trying to come up with my own. Each one of these below had a different technique for the 'frosting'. I think I finally got it right on the last one.

I just cannot stand how cute these are!! And the icing is the exact same fabric as those fun fluffy pettiskirts!

Cupcake shirt: Generation 1.0
'The Sydney'

Cupcake shirt: Generation 1.2
'The Savannah'

 Cupcake shirt: Generation 2.0
'The Elena'

July 9, 2010

The Ellen...

So I have this friend. She's one of my best. And when I say this girl is cRAzY, that is an understatement!!!! She is funny, beyond truthful, and has a killer fashion sense. She asked for some special baby gifts for some friends a couple of weeks ago. Here is what we came up with!

We did 2 of these. I love the way these turn out. Name is affixed with heat set rhinestones. Can't wait to get an actual photo of a baby wearing one with those ruffles around the booty! Next to the onesie is an awesome burpcloth. These are my own design- not fabric stitched to a flat fold diaper, but 2 solid large pieces of fabric. One side is black minky dot, the other is fuzzy leopard- everything stitched in pink, of course!

Check out the close-up of the matching hair clip! 
Inspired by Ellen herself- had to add the feathers!!

OKAY! Now this is where it starts to all get crazy!!
One of the gifts is for a baby who has an Egyptian daddy. She requested something with a camel. I was like, 'A camel??????' So we did a camel and my own little version of a baby Cleopatra outfit!

        Camel is made from cute polka dot fabric w/a bling eye!                           Cleopatra outfit has a removable velcro collar, a gold skirt, and a flashy gold  
Matching rolled flower hair clip to go with!                                                                headband! Did I mention that Ellen LOVES gold! Maybe I will make her one!

Last but not least, Ellen is obsessed with all the Real Housewives of Blah, Blah, Blah.... She asked for this special shirt, just for her! 

I's are dotted with a lil bling! Blinged flower is removable!