June 23, 2010

My FAVE initial shirt thus far....

How fun is this little creation??? 
LOVE it!!
Made my rolled flower brooch out of ribbon this time!

June 16, 2010

Brought To You Courtesy....

....Of the RED, WHITE, and BLUE!!!!

Had to design some cuteness for the upcoming 4th!! Hurry to get your orders in!! These come in any size from baby onesies up to adults.

Both the boys and girl's items are hand dyed navy for a vintage look. Girls dress has double layers of recycled fabric with distressed style hem.

BOYS---  Suspender Tee (available With OR W/O silver bow tie) 

{Mommy look I wanna make a crazy face}

Don't yall think my hubby needs a matching one? :) 

GIRLS- Tank Dress  (available With OR W/O Puffy Star)

Mommas- how cute would this be in  your size with a pair of skinny jeans or
 bermuda shorts and some blingy flip flops!

Baby Girl Goodies!!!

So I love the challenge of custom work! I love creating something for someone with specific requests. BUT- I also LOVE having free reign over what to do. One of my BFFs- Lindsay- asked me to create some baby girl outfits for her niece who is arriving soon.  Here are a few!

Lindsay is a pearl junkie!! Always wearing them!
 How perfect is this little faux pearl necklace complete with a satin flower brooch!

Lovin' this fluffy leopard satin/tulle trim. 
It goes all the way around the booty like a lil mini tutu!

If you couldn't already tell- I am in L-O-V-E with damask! 
 I dressed up a little onesie and knit pants with matching damask print ribbon ruffles! 

This BY FAR is my fave thing I have done in a while.
 The top has a lil faux tuxedo made with vintage style rose fabric and little lace trim. Matching hair accessory is a double rolled flower hair clip. 
The bottom (back shown) are ruffled bloomers/ diaper cover. Made with yet another fabulous pattern from

June 9, 2010

Boutique Personalized Fabric Party Hats

Oh- EM- GEE!!!!!!! LOVE these!!! A friend of mine requested these for her twins birthday. I had no idea where to start so lucky for me-- Little Lizard King has a FABULOSO tutorial!!

As for colors/themes-the mom [we will call her Alicia:)]  asked for coordinating but not too matchy-- and the aqua blue was a must for both of her kiddos who have ocean colored eyes!
I am really loving the way these turned out. I have seen some with feather boa trim, ric rac trim, etc-- but this eyelash trim makes for an awesome look!

Boogie Blotters

So Deuce keeps an off and on runny nose--- as do most people here in Texas. A while back, he discovered his daddy's hankies. He was fascinated by them and carried them around constantly so that he could wipe his own nose instead of momma doing it with a tissue. 
So I had the idea to create little hankies just for lil guys! I've been through several design styles and this is the one I like best b/c it has a soft little patch of minky.

Make sure to read the cute poem I created !!

Sold individually or in a Set of 3. Comes nicely wrapped with a bow and poem!