About Me

Daughter of the King
Down with JC
The Holy Spirit is my Friend

Wife-Mommy x 3

Most importantly I am wife to Michael (aka Mr. DDD, Hot Husband), and mommy to Michael Jr (aka Deuce) Lincoln (aka Fuzz, Baby Alligator), and Knox (aka FatBaby & Knoximus).

Born & raised in Alabama, I am true Southern Girl at heart. I love all things Southern from big blonde hair to peach cobbler on Sunday afternoon. By way of Colorado, I ended up in the Dallas area 12 years ago and have yet to leave.

Somewhere between baby #1 (Deuce) and baby #2 (Linc) I dusted off my sewing machine. I'm one of those crazy people that can't seem to still, regardless the situation. I was too big to exercise so keeping my hands busy with fabric seemed to entertain me. I started searching tutorials and teaching myself all sorts of things with fabrics and tshirts. A year later, in May 2010,  I turned that love turned into Darling Deuce Designs, appropriately named after my Darling Deuce.

Currently with 3 little boys, I don't have much time for sewing like I used to. But I do love sharing with people. I always say that the thing I enjoyed most about my business was getting to connect with other women and moms from all over. So I still like to do that, just with a different outlet besides just my business. For more info on the state of the actual business of DDD read the post What the Future Holds.

Some other random things you should know-----

I am a Christian. And not a 'Christmas & Easter' Christian. I have a  deep, personal relationship with our Lord & Savior.  I believe in the gospel and it's power in our lives.  I believe in Grace and that it is a beautiful free gift that HE gives us, abundantly! I believe strongly in what the Word says about gender roles and marriage.

I eat bacon and eggs for breakfast. Everyday. Every. Single. Day.

I love teaching women. I have a huge heart for women and young moms.

I love my girlfriends! I love being around women who encourage me and speak truth into my life.

I adore being a 'boy mom'. Boys are so funny. At any given time, in my bathroom there is a light saber, a metal ambulance on my bedroom floor, and a football in my bathtub. Probably the sweetest times in my life are when I lay in the floor and all 3 pile on top of me.

I'm a bargain shopper for ALMOST everything. Give me a top, shoes, undergarments, and purse from Ross or TJMaxx, but don't mess with my designer jeans. A great fitting pair of jeans is worth every penny!

God has truly put in my heart the passion to teach and speak his truth. I pray that through my words, you will find a connection to the Father.