November 29, 2011

Takin a Break

Please pardon the reconstruction, lack of chatter, and seemingly non-existence while I rest and finishing growing a baby! 
Revamping & reworking the whole business coming this spring! 

Enjoy your holiday!

xoxo-- Becca, Deuce, Fuzz, Baby #3, and Mr DDD

June 22, 2011

Help Bobbie Gray Eat

If you follow my blog, you know how it makes my heart sing to give back. When I came across this cause, I couldn't help but imagine one of my own in this situation.

There is a lady who works with my husband. Her daughter, Bobbie, was born with severe birth defects. She is 4 years old and has eaten formula thru a feeding tube her entire life. There is a surgery available to allow her to eat normal, but it is in Boston, and VERY expensive.

My husband and his friend are sponsoring a raffle to help fund this trip & surgery for little Bobbie. Tickets are just $5 each and some of the items being raffled are a 50" TV, ipad 2, rounds of gold, Lowe's GC, and other great stuff.
To help entice if the story below won't melt your heart enough.... Darling Deuce is offering a $5 coupon code  towards DDD for every ticket purchased.
*Up to $25 total. Valid on customs,, etc. Email

Bobbie's Story-- Grab a tissue, you will need it!

Bobbie Gray is a beautiful, loving 4 year old girl who was born with esophageal atresia. Only hours after Bobbie's birth she was diagnosed with having esophageal atresia (her esophagus is not attached to her stomach), club feet, scoliosis, a tethered cord, and later chronic lung disease.
Bobbie has had several major surgeries including the release of her tethered cord, an esophageal colon interposition (a piece of colon used to connect the long gap between her esophagus ends), and one to remove a stricture (scar tissue) in the colon piece used earlier but ended with the removal of the colon piece and putting a spit fistula to drain saliva out of the side of her neck. As well as numerous bouts of aspiration pneumonia caused by Bobbie not being able to swallow her saliva and her breathing it into her lungs.
Bobbie eats a special formula through a button in her stomach which requires her to sit still for at least an hour at a time, 4 times a day, just to get enough nutrients to sustain her. She has had to learn the hard way about being careful because if she gets the cord caught on something while being plugged into a feeding or someone pulls on it, her button will come out and we have to put it back in which is painful for her (it has happened numerous times in her 4 years).
After Bobbie's surgeon had to remove the piece of colon we were left with little hope that Bobbie would ever swallow or eat normally. But now we have found the answer to our prayers at Children's Hospital in Boston. They have a center, the Esophageal Advanced Treatment Center, dedicated to children who are born with Bobbie's unusual condition, 1 in 4000 are born this way. We have been in touch with the director of the center and he will be able to perform a procedure called the Foker Technique to lengthen the very short ends of Bobbie's own esophagus and then connect them together.
This is the only center in the world who performs this procedure. After successful completion Bobbie will be able to have her feeding tube removed and the hole in her neck closed. We have to travel from Texas to Boston and the cost of the procedure as well as the travel expenses are more than we could ever imagine. We will have to be in Boston at least 4 months. We would greatly appreciate everyone's prayers and any help you can give gets Bobbie closer to being able to swallow and eat.

May 23, 2011

Sew Mama Sew Give Away Day!!!!

Wow, when I saw the opportunity to participate in the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway, I could not pass it up!! They are reaching tons of fellow crafters every day!!

I am loving this site!!!!  You can buy fabric, patterns, get tutorials. etc. It's like the SuperTarget!They have tons of tutorials.    If you are a fellow crafter,  you are probably a tute junkie like me!!!
I LOVE LOVE this one.

Get the tutorial HERE. Deuce has started going to this reading tutor once a week and I think this would be perfect for his little books he carries with him!

Darling Deuce is offering up an giveaway item for this massive giveaway!! If you are a new Darling Deuce Fan, welcome! We make handmade items for your little ones! Fun, custom tees are our favorite!

Darling Deuce is offering an Initial tee of your choice!!! Any size, any color. You choose!! Boys or girls! Here are a few examples!

You can view more choices on our website here!!! 

To enter:
2. Comment on this post! 
That's all.  :)
Remember-- "Wear Often. With a smile on your face and love in your heart!!!"

Giving Back

'God wants us to prosper so that we can sew back into the kingdom of God.'- Pastor Robert Morris

Did you know that Darling Deuce give back 10% ALWAYS? Not at a certain time, not for a particular sales drive, but ALWAYS! Yep, this is called tithing.

The tithe is that tenth of our income that we give to God, which enables Him to move on our behalf in the area of blessings. The Bible records numerous accounts of man tithing to God. God is the creator of everything that exists. He owns everything and we are simply stewards of what we have been entrusted with. The tithe principle is this; "He gives unto us, we give back to Him one-tenth of all that He has blessed us with."  (read more)

I have blogged on this before, but our pastor at Gateway Church, spoke on Prosperity over the weekend and it is on my heart to share it with yall.

Many of you know I was with another small biz before Darling Deuce. It has now been one year since I left Southern Posh and formed Darling Deuce all on my own. When I did that, the first decision I made is that I would honor Him in my work, my publicity, and my offerings.  Every single month, I look back at my income for the business and I immediately take 10% of what has come in and give it back to our church. Darling Deuce is still small. It is a home-run business. All the work is done by me. There is no way I could support our family on it. I say that to tell you I am not donating thousands and thousands of dollars to the church every month. But DDD IS a growing small business. The tithe I gave for this May is significantly greater than the first one I gave on my own last May.
I am here to tell you that giving back works friends! When you prioritize your life and your heart in such a way that  you are able to sacrifice and give, you will reap major rewards. And not only in actual finances. A year ago, DDD had 100 fans. Now, we have over 1200 and are still growing daily. God had provided me with all of these 'fans' to reach!  A year ago, I had just learned to sew. Now, every garment you see was sewn by me (well sometimes a little extra help from momma! :) ) God has guided my hands to allow my talent and skill set to grow.
If you have been following for awhile, you remember last month, we raised money for Andrew's Armada. We sold headbands for charity. When I set out to do that, I honestly had every intention of selling about 10 headbands. But when all was said and done, enough had sold so that we were able to donate $400 to the March of Dimes!!!! Can you believe it? This is just another opportunity in where God has 'given back' to me when I gave to him. I was able to just give back even further.

So excited to continue the grown in this business and continue to give back to Him. Thank you for being a part of this with me!

'90% (of your income) with God's blessing goes further than 100% without.'- Pastor Robert Morris

April 26, 2011

Passion For Life--Andrew's Armada

While this may be a white elephant issue for some, it's a sad and humbling experience for others. Nobody wants to talk about it. Nobody wants to hear about it because, quite frankly, it's uncomfortable. There are no words to express the depth of pain. There are no emotions more heart wrenching.

Have you ever miscarried a baby or lost a child? By God's amazing love and grace, I have never suffered such sorrow or loss in my own life. But that doesn't mean others' pain does not affect me. I have a dear, sweet precious friend. Her name is Lindsay. When I say 'dear, sweet, and precious'- I mean the type of person that would show up at your door with muffins and take your kids if you were sick, the type of person that would give you the shirt on her back if you needed it, the type of woman who is one of those moms that truly engages her kids with every breath. Yes, friends, she is one of THOSE people. 
A terrible and awful thing happened to Lindsay a few years ago. She lost her third baby, Andrew, at 20 weeks gestation. 

You can read her story here. But this is your warning---

Don't say I didn't warn you! I have read this story many times and every single time, I am broken and humbled again and again.

Every year, Lindsay's family participates in the March of Dimes walk in honor of baby Andrew who is waiting in heaven. Her team is called Andrew's Armada.  She sent me the link a while ago to contribute to her goal. The procrastinator that I am, I waited til last week to open it and donate. When I did, my heart sank. I saw that her goal was $1000. I looked to the right to see that she only had met $35 of it. I thought about Lindsay, her family, and blessed Andrew all day.

Finally, I came up with a brilliant way for Darling Deuce to sponsor Lindsay's walk for Andrew. 
After doing a little brainstorming and talking with Lindsay, we came up with this gorgeous purple headband/hair clip! 100% of the proceeds will go directly into her goal towards March of Dimes walk. 
We chose purple because it is the color for the March of Dimes, but it also represents passion. This is a cause Lindsay and her family are so passionate about. And how appropriate that I was able to find a gorgeous mom and her two beautiful girls to not only model the actual headband, but to represent the miracle of life and pregnancy.

You can PURCHASE here!!!

A warm thank you to Rachel Blackwood for capturing the beauty of life! 

January 26, 2011

{LOVE} For Some Loves

One of my absolute favorite things to do is create custom, one of a kind pieces for customers!
I have this dear friend, Becky. Like myself, she is also a MommaPreneur. She has this fabulous little biz called Bedtime Bakers. She and her husband work into the wee hours creating edible masterpieces.

My own little Fuzzhead's 1st birthday cake my Bedtime  Bakers
My 30th Barbie Birthday Cake by Bedtime Bakers

She has two gorgeous little ladies whom I just adore! ( Clearly, I have a thing for red heads!) I wanted something unique and special just for them.

I found this vintage Valentine and Hobby Lobby that I could not live with out. I paired it with a cutesy large white on black polka dot. And it would not be a DDD original if there were no damask. So I added some gorgeous red damask!

Miss G's Dress w/ Lace Trim Leggings
Had to make Momma a matching apron for making her Vday goodies!!
Little Miss B's Cupid Damask Frame Shirt w/ Ruffled Skirt

The dress w/ flower and Ruffled Skirt are all patterns by the amazing Little Lizard King.

You can purchase her patterns 
Visit some cuteness on her 

January 24, 2011

We're All Mad Here

I feel like I am always starting out my blog posts with "It was been way too long since I last posted..." or some form of that statement. But I just read the last blog I posted and it was in October. I am totally ashamed!
My goal now: At least 1 post/week!
Christmas has come and gone. While I love Christmas with the hustle, bustle, chocolate, Jesus, family, and gifts, (did I just put chocolate before Jesus? Really???) I also love the freshness and cleanliness that the new year brings. As much fun as it is (NOT) to take down all the Christmas stuff, I love seeing the house in such a natural, uncluttered state to start the year off fresh.
Jan 1 I began work right away on my Valentine designs for this year. I was asked by a sweet friend, to design shirts for her and her husband to wear for her daughter's Alice & Wonderland Birthday party. This was all it took to get my juices flowing. Hearts, red, black, funky patterns and designs--- THIS was my Valentine collection.

Here are a few shots from the photo shoot we took of the  Valentine collection.
The sweet friend mentioned above, just happens to be the wonderfully talented Rachel Blackwood.

{LOVE}- "We're All Mad Here"