September 26, 2010

Custom Goodies for a Special Customer

I met this wonderful lady through Etsy who contacted me a while back about making custom shirts for her children's program at church.
I was SO flattered that she trusted me enough to send me a shirt of her own and ask me to essentially just 'go to town' on it.
Here is what I came up with.

Upon receiving the shirt, she was so thrilled that she requested 6 more! 6 more custom designs! Now I love to designs, don't get me wrong, but sometimes I struggle with outdoing myself. My end goal is always to make it cuter than before- but that proposes a challenge in my crazy mind sometimes.
So my sweet customer sent me 6 more tshirts.
They sat.
And sat.
Finally I started playing and this is what I came up with!
There are 2 programs- one called The Backyard for school aged kids and one called the Treehouse for preschool kids. Both of those names got me thinking of flowers, squirrels, trees, all things fall and fun!

I really LOVE mixing media! felt, bling, cotton, etc. I love the look of all things mis-matching. I think it comes together so nicely.
 PS-- How cute are these hooded Tees she sent? I am loving these!
 Another hoodie-- matches the original design. Don't you love the dove on the shoulder?
 The lighting does not do this one justice. Nothing goes better with red than black and white. 
 This is one is my fave!! I dreamed this up while I was creating her first one. The 'leaves' and 'birds' come together to spell Backyard. There is a lot of fun hand applique in this one. Best compliment I have had so far: Someone asked her if she had the shirt custom made at Anthropology!! Wowsa!! 
 These Treehouse ones are super fun too! How precious are these owls?
 Had to throw in a little purple squirrel on this one!

This was such a fun project!! Thank you SOOOO much Backyard & Treehouse team!

September 13, 2010

Family Fun Friday Giveaway! WELCOME!!!!

Welcome to my blog!!
Did you find me from those awesome glad at FFF?

Thank you to the ladies of Family Fun Friday for hosting a DDD giveaway!