January 26, 2011

{LOVE} For Some Loves

One of my absolute favorite things to do is create custom, one of a kind pieces for customers!
I have this dear friend, Becky. Like myself, she is also a MommaPreneur. She has this fabulous little biz called Bedtime Bakers. She and her husband work into the wee hours creating edible masterpieces.

My own little Fuzzhead's 1st birthday cake my Bedtime  Bakers
My 30th Barbie Birthday Cake by Bedtime Bakers

She has two gorgeous little ladies whom I just adore! ( Clearly, I have a thing for red heads!) I wanted something unique and special just for them.

I found this vintage Valentine and Hobby Lobby that I could not live with out. I paired it with a cutesy large white on black polka dot. And it would not be a DDD original if there were no damask. So I added some gorgeous red damask!

Miss G's Dress w/ Lace Trim Leggings
Had to make Momma a matching apron for making her Vday goodies!!
Little Miss B's Cupid Damask Frame Shirt w/ Ruffled Skirt

The dress w/ flower and Ruffled Skirt are all patterns by the amazing Little Lizard King.

You can purchase her patterns 
Visit some cuteness on her 

January 24, 2011

We're All Mad Here

I feel like I am always starting out my blog posts with "It was been way too long since I last posted..." or some form of that statement. But I just read the last blog I posted and it was in October. I am totally ashamed!
My goal now: At least 1 post/week!
Christmas has come and gone. While I love Christmas with the hustle, bustle, chocolate, Jesus, family, and gifts, (did I just put chocolate before Jesus? Really???) I also love the freshness and cleanliness that the new year brings. As much fun as it is (NOT) to take down all the Christmas stuff, I love seeing the house in such a natural, uncluttered state to start the year off fresh.
Jan 1 I began work right away on my Valentine designs for this year. I was asked by a sweet friend, to design shirts for her and her husband to wear for her daughter's Alice & Wonderland Birthday party. This was all it took to get my juices flowing. Hearts, red, black, funky patterns and designs--- THIS was my Valentine collection.

Here are a few shots from the photo shoot we took of the  Valentine collection.
The sweet friend mentioned above, just happens to be the wonderfully talented Rachel Blackwood.

{LOVE}- "We're All Mad Here"