January 24, 2011

We're All Mad Here

I feel like I am always starting out my blog posts with "It was been way too long since I last posted..." or some form of that statement. But I just read the last blog I posted and it was in October. I am totally ashamed!
My goal now: At least 1 post/week!
Christmas has come and gone. While I love Christmas with the hustle, bustle, chocolate, Jesus, family, and gifts, (did I just put chocolate before Jesus? Really???) I also love the freshness and cleanliness that the new year brings. As much fun as it is (NOT) to take down all the Christmas stuff, I love seeing the house in such a natural, uncluttered state to start the year off fresh.
Jan 1 I began work right away on my Valentine designs for this year. I was asked by a sweet friend, to design shirts for her and her husband to wear for her daughter's Alice & Wonderland Birthday party. This was all it took to get my juices flowing. Hearts, red, black, funky patterns and designs--- THIS was my Valentine collection.

Here are a few shots from the photo shoot we took of the  Valentine collection.
The sweet friend mentioned above, just happens to be the wonderfully talented Rachel Blackwood.

{LOVE}- "We're All Mad Here"