April 30, 2010

Blushing Brides

I was asked to create some cute shirts for a bride and her bridesmaids! How cute are these??? In fact, they are SO cute- that I think I said "these are so cute" out loud about 12 times while making them!

I threw in some cute rolled fabric flower hairclip/ brooches. They can pin them to the tank or wear them in their hair. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy making these things?

 Can't decide if I had more fun making them or taking the pics!!

Shout out to JubileeRhinestone.com!! Can't wait to make some more cuteness with your stuff!

Miracle Baby

I have this precious friend, Lindsay. She just happens to be married to one of my bestest friends in the world, Brian Andy. They hold a special place in my heart! So when she had a 'special project' for me, I was happy to create something unique just for her!
She has a pregnant friend whose water broke at 16 weeks!! Can you even imagine! Through lots of prayer and medical miracle, that baby survived to term! What a miracle! So she asked me to make something for the baby that said 'miracle'.
I was stumped at first, but then I started thinking about what that momma and baby have gone through to make it here! So the camo symbolizes the 'fight' and effort for them. The stitching is what I like to call 'crazy stitching' and I think it's very fitting as well- no order, not perfect, but when it all comes together- special in its own way!
Hope she likes it! XOXO Lindsay C!!