May 23, 2011

Giving Back

'God wants us to prosper so that we can sew back into the kingdom of God.'- Pastor Robert Morris

Did you know that Darling Deuce give back 10% ALWAYS? Not at a certain time, not for a particular sales drive, but ALWAYS! Yep, this is called tithing.

The tithe is that tenth of our income that we give to God, which enables Him to move on our behalf in the area of blessings. The Bible records numerous accounts of man tithing to God. God is the creator of everything that exists. He owns everything and we are simply stewards of what we have been entrusted with. The tithe principle is this; "He gives unto us, we give back to Him one-tenth of all that He has blessed us with."  (read more)

I have blogged on this before, but our pastor at Gateway Church, spoke on Prosperity over the weekend and it is on my heart to share it with yall.

Many of you know I was with another small biz before Darling Deuce. It has now been one year since I left Southern Posh and formed Darling Deuce all on my own. When I did that, the first decision I made is that I would honor Him in my work, my publicity, and my offerings.  Every single month, I look back at my income for the business and I immediately take 10% of what has come in and give it back to our church. Darling Deuce is still small. It is a home-run business. All the work is done by me. There is no way I could support our family on it. I say that to tell you I am not donating thousands and thousands of dollars to the church every month. But DDD IS a growing small business. The tithe I gave for this May is significantly greater than the first one I gave on my own last May.
I am here to tell you that giving back works friends! When you prioritize your life and your heart in such a way that  you are able to sacrifice and give, you will reap major rewards. And not only in actual finances. A year ago, DDD had 100 fans. Now, we have over 1200 and are still growing daily. God had provided me with all of these 'fans' to reach!  A year ago, I had just learned to sew. Now, every garment you see was sewn by me (well sometimes a little extra help from momma! :) ) God has guided my hands to allow my talent and skill set to grow.
If you have been following for awhile, you remember last month, we raised money for Andrew's Armada. We sold headbands for charity. When I set out to do that, I honestly had every intention of selling about 10 headbands. But when all was said and done, enough had sold so that we were able to donate $400 to the March of Dimes!!!! Can you believe it? This is just another opportunity in where God has 'given back' to me when I gave to him. I was able to just give back even further.

So excited to continue the grown in this business and continue to give back to Him. Thank you for being a part of this with me!

'90% (of your income) with God's blessing goes further than 100% without.'- Pastor Robert Morris