June 16, 2010

Baby Girl Goodies!!!

So I love the challenge of custom work! I love creating something for someone with specific requests. BUT- I also LOVE having free reign over what to do. One of my BFFs- Lindsay- asked me to create some baby girl outfits for her niece who is arriving soon.  Here are a few!

Lindsay is a pearl junkie!! Always wearing them!
 How perfect is this little faux pearl necklace complete with a satin flower brooch!

Lovin' this fluffy leopard satin/tulle trim. 
It goes all the way around the booty like a lil mini tutu!

If you couldn't already tell- I am in L-O-V-E with damask! 
 I dressed up a little onesie and knit pants with matching damask print ribbon ruffles! 

This BY FAR is my fave thing I have done in a while.
 The top has a lil faux tuxedo made with vintage style rose fabric and little lace trim. Matching hair accessory is a double rolled flower hair clip. 
The bottom (back shown) are ruffled bloomers/ diaper cover. Made with yet another fabulous pattern from