May 23, 2010

More Initials!

A neighbor friend asked for some super cute initial shirts for her kiddos for pictures. I LOVE what I came up with.
She has 2 kiddos- Hayden [age 1] and Hadley [age3]. She wanted a lil h for the lil guy and a big H  for the big sis but also wanted their age as well. I was a stumped at first on how to incorporate both the age AND the initial, but I think what I came up with worked out PERFECT!!

Had to use Linc as a model!!! 
  Light blue T w/ circle of chocolate, orange, green & blue. Orange letters & numbers!

Hadley's- Pint fitted T w/ lime green frame, multi-color stripey H and hot pink & green rolled flower pin.


Had to throw in the matching hair accessory!

Here is another fun T initial I made for Linc!
 Baby blue onesie w/ chocolate minky circle and stripey blue green L.